Active: 600 g/L Nonyl Phenol Ethylene Oxide Condensate Non-Ionic Organic Surfactant For use with insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.

Surrender Moss Killer

Active: 500g/L benzalkonium Control and prevention of moss, algae, lichen and liverworts on lawns, roofs, cobblestones, tiles and other hand surfaces.

Pigmafix Ambient

A dark green concentrated pigment for enhancing colour in Turf.

White Marking Foam

Active: 289 g/L SODIUM ALKYL ETHER SULPHATE 41 g/L LAURYL ALCOHOL White marking foam for use with agricultural spraying

Tru-Blue Spray Indicator

Active: Marking dye A marking dye for use with spray equipment to indicate areas that are sprayed.

Pig Dog Pigment & Machinery Cleaner

Active: Alkaline and Alkaline Salts Pig Dog is designed to clean turf sprayers which have been stained from turf pigments or similar products.

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