Pigmafix Ambient

A dark green concentrated pigment for enhancing colour in Turf.  311.04 KBDownload

White Marking Foam

Active: 289 g/L SODIUM ALKYL ETHER SULPHATE 41 g/L LAURYL ALCOHOL White marking foam for use with agricultural spraying  365.03 KBDownload

Tru-Blue Spray Indicator

Active: Marking dye A marking dye for use with spray equipment to indicate areas that are sprayed.  115.28 KBDownload

Pig Dog Pigment & Machinery Cleaner

Active: Alkaline and Alkaline Salts Pig Dog is designed to clean turf sprayers which have been stained from turf pigments or similar products.  327.69 KBDownload

Blazon Blue

Active: Polymer Blue Colourant A non staining spray colourant for use with spray equipment to inidcate areas that are sprayed.  358.03 KBDownload

Carbon Trader

Active: 750 g/kg CARBON, 22 g/kg NITROGEN, 34 g/kg PHOSPHORUS, 86 g/kg POTASSIUM To keep Dormant Turf Green in Colour throughout the Dormancy period and to Enhance and Maintain Turf Colour, Turf Health and Appearance of Turf, including greens and surrounds. … Read More