A liquid Calcium and Boron option that can be used @ 10L/Ha

Turf Trace

Trace mix to keep Micro nutrient levels available.

Turf Booster

Full Plant Balanced NPK Feed + Trace elements & Growth Promotants for premium functioning Plant Health.

POTSIL Strength

Turf grass wear and stress tolerance, improve cellular structure and turgidity.

Phos Fight Plus

Plant nutrition, stress defence, improved root function and development

Mag Balance

Amend Magnesium deficiencies. Completely available and absorbed by the leaf surface and root systems due to the natural complex.

Growth Formula

A blend of root hormone stimulants for use on Golf and Bowling Greens and other Turf Situations.

Balance K

Balanced Feed and High in K ensuring thicker cell walls to resist damage from extreme weather, wear, pests and disease

Ferrifol Colour

Fe 6% Chelated Iron Formulation for deep tournament colour

CAL Flush

Calcium Carbonate 36% Calcium amendment and Sodium Flush

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