Active: 500 g/kg DICAMBA 50 g/kg PROSULFURON For post-emergence control of certain broadleaf weeds in established turf.  390.48 KBDownload

Bronco MA-X

Active:  Bromoxynil 280g/L, MCPA 280g/L For control of broadleaf weeds in cereals, linseed, grass pastures and turf.  794.48 KBDownload


Active: 100g/L Bispyribac-Sodium For the control and the suppression of seed heads of Poaannua in Creeping Bentgrass, Tall Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass.  594.20 KBDownload


Active: MSMA 720g/L For the control of certain weeds in Cotton, Sugarcane, Turf and non crop areas  130.63 KBDownload


Active: Glufosinate-Ammonium 200g/L For the Non-Residual control of Broadleaf and Grass Weeds in Various Situations as specified in the Directions for Use table.  385.47 KBDownload

Stadium Turf

Active: Clopyralid 20g/L, Diflufenican 15g/L, MCPA 300g/L For the control of certain broadleaf weeds in turf.  541.39 KBDownload


Active: 240g/L Methiozolin PoaCure is a revolutionary herbicide to control wintergrass (Poa) in recreational turf.  1.66 MBDownload


Active: 280 g/L MCPA, 140 g/L Bromoxynil, 40 g/L Dicamba Group C I Herbicide For the control of certain broadleaf weeds in turf  482.67 KBDownload


Active: 960g/L S- metolachlor Group K Herbicide For pre-emergent control of weeds in turf.  757.77 KBDownload


Active: 100g/L Trifloxysulfuron Sodium Group B Herbicide For the control of Sedges, Grasses and Broadleaf Weeds in Turf.  1,012.78 KBDownload

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